Grow Opportunities
  • By God's Divine Design, everything and everyone is created to GROW.  Just as growing is not optional to the physical aspect of life, it is the same way with the spiritual life of the born-again believer.     At Stono, Growing is not is essential in order to discover God's plan and purpose for your life.  As soon as you begin to Connect at Stono, you must begin to Grow. We call it "Transitioning while Transforming".  At Stono, we want everyone to get involved in Life Groups.  This is where you get actively involved in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through a personal relationship with His Holy Word...The Bible. You will never get anywhere in life without first knowing where you are and where you are going. We are absolutely convinced that you will never get where you are supposed to be without The Holy Bible as the "road map" of your life. We want to help you realize this in a relevant and real way!
    Life Groups - Connecting to God's Word and A Christian Family
    9:45am (All Ages)-Connection Zone-Sunday School (Currently suspended due to Covid 19 precautions)

    6:30pm - Stono K.I.D.S. Club (Ages 4-12yrs)
    6:30pm - Adult Bible Groups

    8:00pm - Hour of Power (All Ages)
A place where LOVE and UNITY come together as a FAMILY!