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    Sunday 4/5/2020

  • Palm Sunday - how many of you thought you would be spending it at home?

    Can you just imagine how Jesus felt riding that donkey in to shouts of, "Hosanna" and "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord", knowing that in the very same week they would be crying out, "Crucify Him!"?

    We are using YouTube so you may need to skip ads. Sing along and worship with us today!

    Revelation Song


    Is He Worthy?

    Message from Pastor Stephen

    There's Room At the Cross For You

    Greg picked out a great song to end on this week - God is faithful and He is with us in the lowest valley and the highest mountaintop!
    Choose to praise HIM today!

    Yes I Will

    Sunday 3/29/2020
  • Welcome to our second Virtual Service! We hope you enjoyed the music and the message last week, and are staying encouraged in these troubling times. One thing that was missing last week was the visual for the music, so we hope you will enjoy and sing along with the music selections for our service today. Keep in mind that with YouTube you may need to skip ads.

    Holy Is the Lord God Almighty

    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

    For our special this week, I am bringing back one of my favorite memories. This is a great song to remind us that we are not alone, and this was the first (and only) time that my daughter and Hannah Butler ministered with me at another Church. I hope you enjoy it!

    You're Not Alone

    Message from Pastor Stephen

    I Surrender All

    And lastly, we want to leave you with this beautiful message delivered by Selah - Be still - God is in control!

    Be Still My Soul
    Sunday 3/22/2020
  • Welcome to our first Virtual Ministry Service. Due to the Coronavirus, we are having to come up with new ways to continue ministry in a virtual setting. So consider yourself virtually hugged and enjoy the selections for today! May God continue to bless you and our country.

    We will start out with some music, and then there will be a You Tube link for the Pastor's Message. Click on each link to start the music or message.

    Holy Is the Lord

    Here I Am to Worship

    Here is a song Debbie and Debbie did before that is a great reminder for ths time! Remember how much God cares for you!

    Consider the Lilies

    Message from Pastor Stephen

    Just As I Am
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